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In 2017, Yam and Itamar started their career as music producers. Yam worked as a radio producer in a large radio station in Israel. One day, during a recording session at Itamar's studio apartment, Yam pitched the idea to Itamar about a radio show dedicated to Electronic Music that he wanted to pitch to the radio owner. Itamar Immediate was interested. "But what will the show be called?" Itamar asked. Yam already has a name. "I think I might have a name for it. I was thinking of "On The Way Radio." "This is sick!" Itamar yelled. In 2021, Yam and Itamar founded On The Way Records. a record label whose primary focus is the artists and music. "We believe in a light-hearted but professional and up-to-date approach. As a record label, our job is to find the best place for our artists' music by finding the right audience and providing guidance in all this chaos called the music industry."  

If you're an artist reading this, so, Hey, We would like to hear your music! send your demo to this mail: demo@onthewayhq.com, and if we hear what others don't, We will contact you to start our musical journey together.  

"Good music deserves more attention no matter who you are!!"